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So, let’s get started!

Health is Wealth

Our Moto for 2019 is “Health is Wealth”. We are all about healthy living over here at Tiago’s and believe that, to be living our best lives, we need to have a healthy relationship with food! There are a million studies out there that tell us why healthy eating is good for us, not just so that we look good, but so that we feel good too! A nutritious and balanced diet boosts your immune system, sharpens your brain, and helps you live longer!  Our current promotion, running for the months of February and March 2019, is a great example of a healthy meal. We put real thought behind these bi-monthly specials because we know you deserve value for your buck, and meals to suit your lifestyle! Because February is often one of the hottest months of the year; and because many of you are still clinging to your “New Year, New Me” New Year’s Resolutions, we thought we’d give you something lite, packed with nutritious greens and lean protein for a delicious price.

Get Active

Speaking of a Healthy Lifestyle, Crossfit is a great addition to your exercise plans if you are looking for a total body transformation, to improve your cardio vascular fitness, build strength and muscle and make some new friends while you’re at it. Don’t believe me? Ask our Founder, who is an avid Crossfitter and swears by its benefits!

Pictured here is Mitchell Anderson, who started Crossfit Wild Coast, and his team as they competed in the ‘Fittest in Cape Town 2019’ competition! Crossfit Wild Coast is situated in Uvongo on the KZN South Coast.

The Sharks Academy

We have some exciting things on the go for 2019, like our renewed Partnership with the Southern KwaZulu Natal Sharks Academy!

The Southern KwaZulu Natal Sharks Academy is in its third year of operation here on the South Coast. We were their very first Corporate Sponsor and are proud to still be with them as they continue to grow and show some great potential on the Field and off!

Last year the boys did not only dominate in the Game, many getting selected to play with the South Coast Warriors throughout the year and one player, Divan Bezuidenhoudt, being scouted for the Pumas under 20 team but they also graduated with a 100% pass rate from Physical I.Q. making each and every one of them qualified personal trainers!

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