Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month!

Hello Chickens! Doesn’t it feel like this year is Marching on at a rapid pace?

We spent February overhauling our Website! What do you think of our new look? If you haven’t already, hit “Subscribe” to join our Chicken Coop!

We have some exciting things happening in March, but first, here is what’s happening in the world of Health and Nutrition!

Embrace the Gut! Gut Health, that is!

A healthy Gut means a healthy body, inside and out!

Talks about Gut Health aren’t exactly new. When Probiotic supplements came onto the market, all you heard about was Gut Health thanks to their aggressive marketing campaign. However, as nutritional science evolves, consumers are becoming more aware that they do not need to rely on an expensive daily pill to keep their Gut healthy. Fermented foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut are great sources of probiotics and eating a high fiber diet fuels probiotic growth in your tum! Even more reason to up your fruit and veg intake!

Everybody’s talking about Intermittent Fasting…

This is a nutritional trend that has even won our boss over!

Andrew Ramos swears by Intermittent Fasting as a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. It has also proven to be a great way to lose, or manage weight as it is less restrictive than most meal plans, you don’t have to cut out any food groups so, carbs and chocolate lovers, listen up!

Basically what Intermittent Fasting is, is to delay your first meal of the day until lunch time, ultimately cutting down the time you consume calories during the day by half. Sounds easy enough, right? But, what about all those people who say that Breakfast jump starts the metabolism, or you should eat 6 small meals throughout the day etc. New nutritional science has shown that the time of the day that you eat makes no impact on weight-loss whatsoever, the only thing that does is consuming less calories than you burn… So if Intermittent Fasting is something that might work for you, throw out the old-school dietary news, there’s a new kid on the block!

But, if you are anything like Mr Ramos, our Breakfast Chicken Schwarma is one of your favourite things on our menu! Do not fear, you can still put your order in before 12 and just have your Breakfast for Lunch!

Save the Dates!

At Shelly Centre from 9am-3pm 2nd and 3rd of March 2019

This is a big weekend for our Tiago’s Team! We are going to be busy, busy, busy and you can join in on the fun!

Our Head Office staff are joining SignMaster, The Southern KZN Sharks Academy and the South African National Blood Service for the 2019 Colouring Hope CANSA Shavathon!

We will be outside the Pick n Pay at Shelly Centre between 9am and 3 pm on Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd of March! Come on down for a Shave or Spray and get entered into a Lucky Draw to win a Tiago’s Hamper worth R500!!!

Tiago’s on the Move

To Book our Food Truck, send an Email to

Our Tiago’s Food Truck Operator is going to have his hands full this weekend. Spot us at the Dezzi Track in Port Shepstone for the Extreme Festival, a 2 day event on the 1st and 2nd of March showcasing some of the coolest cars in the Country!

Then it’s off to Durban we go to serve up some Vitamin T for the Athletes participating in the 2019 Durban Ultra Triathlon on the 3rd of March at Sunkist Lawns in front of SunCoast Casino.

At the end of the Month we will be in Harding at the Harding Rugby Club for their Centenary Usher Cup tournament, cheering on our local South Coast Warriors of course!


The Southern KZN Sharks Academy – Ongoing Sponsorship

Hibberdene Bowling Club – 1st February

Banners Rest Bowling Club – 1st February

Hibberdene Lions – 13th February

Southbroom Lions – 13th February

Upcoming Mobile Events

Dezzi Extreme Festival (Port Shepstone) – 1st-2nd March

Durban Ultra Tri-Athlon (SunCoast) 3rd March

Harding Rugby Club Usher Cup – 30th March

Splashy Fen Music Festival (Underberg) – 18th-22nd April

South Coast Bike Fest (Margate) 26th-28th April

South City Banana Bash (Ramsgate) – 27th July

Thanks for popping in to check on your favourite Chicken Joint. Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear from you!

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