Hello Chickens! I hope you are all enjoying some much needed rain and cooler weather!

When it Rains it Pours

Speaking of rain, I am sure most of you have heard about the piles and piles of plastic pollution that has covered Durban Beaches in the wake of the floods over the weekend!

Photo by Sifiso Mngoma – Durban Green Corridor

Pollution, and plastic pollution in particular, is not just as simple as an overwhelming number of litter bugs wondering the streets! To address the pollution issue in South Africa, we need to address education around pollution and sustainability!

Straws Suck!

We have taken some big steps towards reducing our own carbon footprint by making sure that our packaging is bio-degradable, with no polystyrene, plastic bags or plastic straws available in our restaurants. We still have a ways to go towards eradicating plastic completely from all our branches but we are marching in that direction! We are also trying to educate our consumers on how they can make a difference too!

Ask our Cashiers about our Metal Straws

How can you help?

It’s pretty much common knowledge at this point that we need to, as a planet, make some serious headway into sustainable initiatives that will keep our world that little bit greener.

It’s up to us, no-one else is going to do it…

The Good News is that there are things that you can do in your home and workplace to reduce your own Carbon Footprint!

Greenifying your Home and Office

  1. Replace all fluorescent lights with energy efficient lights like LEDs.
  2. Enable sleep mode and power saver features on all computers and other equipment so that they aren’t sucking up precious power when not in use.
  3. This one is close to our hearts! Shift as many of your business purchases as you can to local vendors and suppliers. Not only does supporting local businesses keep money circulating within the community, but also lessons the loads of gas guzzling trucks!
  4. Replace your old toilets with low-flow toilets. Water is one of the biggest and most pressing issues we face as a planet in 2019!
  5. Invest in different bins for difference materials and mark them clearly. If you are not sure if your municipality separates recycling from garbage on their rubbish rout then source out your local recycling plant and drop off your paper and plastic yourself. Cans and glass bottles can be redeemed for cash so there’s and added incentive for you!
It’s easier than you think…

Engage your Kids

Your kids should already be learning about Green Living at school, so before they come home and shame mom, dad, granny and grandpa for not doing their bit for the environment, make sure you’re clued up! Make recycling a game by encouraging your kids to hold onto their plastic bottles to make eco-bricks.

Take a clean, empty plastic bottle, cut up clean and dry non-biodegradable materials like plastic bags and polystyrene, shove it into the bottle with a stick, when full you have a brick!

Education is Key!

Most of the things we do subconsciously in our day to day lives, we learnt as Children. Kids learn best by example, so simply implementing Green Initiatives in your home will make a profound difference to the Carbon Footprint left by your children throughout their lives. However, making sure your children understand the concepts of Climate Change, Green House Gases and Pollution will empower them to make healthy choices for the environment all on their own!

With that, we’ll leave you with this thought…

Here’s to a cleaner greener South Africa, one home, business and individual at a time!