Crossfit has taken the South Coast by storm, thanks to Mitchell Anderson and his Team! We sat down with Mitch to get to the bottom of why this has become such a popular workout and how it could benefit your lifestyles.

“We change lives, it’s what we do.” – Mitchell Anderson

Why Crossfit?

Out of all the disciplines out there, we wanted to know, why Crossfit? What is it about this particular form of exercise that even has Andrew Ramos saying #smaakitbru ?

CrossFit has given people an affordable way to stay in shape. You work in a group or team environment which helps keep you accountable. Our monthly fee includes a qualified trainer who will help and guide you through a workout, modified to fit your abilities.

We believe that being active is better than not doing anything at all, so if you enjoy Pilates, boot camp or just regular gym, it is better than sitting on the couch!”

Do we call this “The Chicken Run”, Boss?

We wanted to know what, in Mitch’s personal experience, are the driving factors that lead people to join Crossfit. Here’s what he had to say:

“Most people join us because they want to lose weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, however we do have many athletes from different backgrounds such as rugby, cycling and running who want to improve their own sport with CrossFit training.”

Not all Hero’s Wear Capes

There are people out there who swear that Crossfit has changed their lives. Mitch has seen some incredible transformations happen in his gym…

“I once coached someone who came to me after a few months and told me he was now able to tie his own shoe laces, prior to that he was so over weight he couldn’t. I was so proud, because that’s what it is about. Through fitness we where able to change his life. 

You will lose weight, you will get stronger, you will get fitter and everyday you will surprise yourself at what you are now capable of doing.”

What makes Crossfit so addictive!?

People have been joking for years that Crossfit is like a Cult… Once you start Crossfit, all you can talk about is Crossfit! Why is Crossfit so addictive?

“If you can’t beat em, join em. Regular gym folk love bashing CrossFit, it’s been a thing for years. It’s funny how you now see them doing more and more “CrossFit” style workouts. It’s not a cult, it’s a family. 

I served in the British Army and know what it’s like when you all work towards one common goal. A certain bond is created like no other, that is what happens here. Everyone is working together towards one common goal, improving their health and fitness.

Some days you are tired, some days you don’t want to train, but when your friend from the 4 o’clock class sends a message and says see you there, you’ll see them there.”

How does Food fit in?

You cannot train away a bad diet… Any Physical Trainer worth his salt will tell you that. We were interested to know Mitch’s views on nutrition and how he approaches diet with his clients.

“We keep it simple. Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”

Does he #SMAAKIT ?

As a Local boy who grew up on the South Coast, Mitch is very familiar with Tiago’s. We asked him how he feels about Tiago’s as part of a balanced diet…

“Tiagos is 100% my take out of choice, I don’t see too much wrong with flame grilled chicken and chips, also let’s be honest, that chicken burger is out of this world.”

A little about Mitch

Mitchell went to Creston College and was an avid Rugby player. He went on to join and serve in the British Army and then returned to his home town to establish the South Coasts first official Crossfit Gym, Crossfit Wild Coast in Manaba.

After experiencing resounding success at Crossfit Wild Coast, he has just opened up a second location in Port Edward called The Fitness Factory!

So, what do you think, Chickens? Does Crossfit look like something that could compliment your healthy, balanced lifestyle? If the answer is yes, tap on any of the pics or links above and join Mitch’s Crossfit Family!

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