Don’t be a Fool this April!

Hello Chickens! While it is a good idea to be on the lookout for those April Fools pranks today, there are far worse tricksters waiting around the corner every day! This month we are focusing on busting some myths and dropping some truth bombs about the Health and Wellness industry!

But First…

Win with Tiago’s!!!

You guys have been loving our Family meals and promotions and we’ve been paying attention! That’s why our new promo is built to Feed the whole Flock for only R179.90.

Get a Full Chicken, 2 Garlic Rolls, and a choice of French Salad or Coleslaw! Remember to write your name and number on the back of your till slip and pop it into our competition boxes in store to enter into a competition to win 1 of 10 Mini Kitchen Ovens!

The Miracle Pill…

They are EVERYWHERE!!! You cannot walk down the vitamin isle in any supermarket or pharmacy without seeing a wide variety of miracle diet pills that promise you results, fast! They all have a picture of a perfectly flat tummy on the front giving you the impression that that’s what you will look like simply by ingesting their contents a couple times a day. Some claim to be all natural, some have celebrity endorsements, most are outrageously expensive, and NONE actually work on their own!

The truth is, most of these products haven’t been adequately tested. Most contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that damage your gut-health and actually make losing weight harder in the long run. Some have serious side effects that can cause long term harm, and they are not adequately regulated.

There is no miracle pill that can do what a healthy diet and exercise plan can. No matter how good the Marketing Campaign, and no matter what some celebrity with a personal trainer and at-home chef and nutritionist is promising you on Instagram. #truthbomb

Chicken Skin, to Eat or not to Eat?

The Chicken Skin question is not a new one. Most diets predating 2015 will tell you that the only Chicken you should be eating, whether you are on a diet or not, is skinless chicken. Look, it makes sense. Chicken Skin adds calories to your meal. But, and it’s a big BUT, there are multiple benefits for having your Chicken Skin, and eating it too!

It is true that chicken skin mainly consists of fat, and it is also true that most fats found in animals is saturated fat which can increase your cholesterol and heart disease risk, most of the fat found in chicken skin is actually heart-healthy unsaturated fats, according to the Harvard School of Public Health! That’s the same kind of fat found in Super-Food Avocados! Not to mention that leaving the skin on while cooking chicken keeps it moist, juicy and filled with flavor.

So go ahead and eat your Chicken, skin and all, everything in moderation!

The Do’s and Don’ts of Detoxing…

Detox Diets are all the rage, with everyone from the Kardashians to Djokovic punting them all over Social Media. They are supposed to flush out all the toxins from your system, but no one has proved that that’s what they do and, according to Web MD, they may be risky and even backfire.

Some detox diets involve fasting, or just drinking liquids, maybe some fruits and veg. You WILL be hungry and may feel weak and fatigued. You may suffer from low blood sugar, have muscle aches and feel dizzy and nauseated. Does this sound worth it for something that hasn’t even been proven to work?

Most Detoxes today are promoted by companies that sell detox products like Flat Tummy Teas and herbal mixtures that cost a significant amount of money and can only be purchased online with no in-person support.

A Detox Diet might help you drop a few KG’s but you’ll likely gain them right back as soon as you start eating normally again. It is neither an effective nor healthy option in regards to weight loss.

As for detoxing your system, Dr. Michael from Web MD says don’t waste your time or money. Our bodies are perfectly capable of getting rid of toxins all by themselves. That’s what our Kidneys and Liver are for. You don’t have to drop some serious cash to get untested, unregulated powders and potions to do what your body is already doing.

Tiago’s on the Move

We are crazy excited to be taking our Food Truck all the way up to Underberg to the Splashy Fen Music Festival this year! We’ll be there from the 18th to the 22nd of April!

South Coast Locals and Visitors attending the 2019 South Coast Bike Fest will see us at the food court as per tradition. We are very excited about the line-up this year! It is sure to be a good one! See you there from the 26th to the 28th of April.

To book our Tiago’s Food Truck, drop us a mail at! Book now to avoid disappointment.

Tiago’s Sponsorships

CANSA Colour Hope Shavathon 2019 – 2nd-3rd March at South Coast Mall

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Hibberdene Lions – 13th March

Southbroom Bowling Club – 19th March

Paddock Fishing Competition – 29th-31st March

Southbroom Tennis Club Championship – 30th-31st March

SKZN Sharks Academy – Ongoing Partnership

Upcoming Mobile Events

Splashy Fen Music Festival (Underberg) – 18th-22nd April

South Coast Bike Fest (Margate) – 26th-28th April

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Thought for the Day

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