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The Summer Sun is already coming out to play and we’re not even done with Spring yet! That’s why we decided to pair one of your favourite meals on-the-go, our Chicken Fillet Strips and Chips, with a refreshing can of cold-drink for a very special price! We’re keeping you fueled and chilled this Summer!

Grab Fillet Strips, Chips and a Can in Lemon and Herb, Mild or Hot for only R45.90!

Spring into Action!

Spring has us Buzzing over here at Tiago’s! It must be the fresh air, warmer weather and lovely sunshine! It definitely makes you want to spend more time outdoors and where better to start than in your garden!?

“Climate” is the word on the tip of everyone’s tongues at the moment as Climate Activists like Greta Thunberg are making headlines while leading the charge against climate change.

Be the Change

This issue as a whole is immense and requires massive broad stroke action across the globe. This can be intimidating and make you say “but what can I do? I am just one person!” Well, one small deed made by millions of individuals can create huge change!

That’s why we’ve been talking about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling on our blog which you can find here. But, by now, everyone should be attempting to reduce waste in their homes and big corporations are even helping us do that. More and more of the big guys like Checkers, Pick n Pay and Woolworths are introducing biodegradable packaging. We, at Tiago’s are currently overhauling our packaging methods to minimize our distribution of single use plastics as much as we possibly can… So, other than recycling, how can we help our planet?

Dig in!

It could be as simple as getting your hands a little dirty. We planted some lovely blooms this spring and also set about cultivating our own veggie garden at home. We documented a lot of our efforts on our Instagram page in our Stories and Highlighted them so you could look back along the journey.

Not only is a veggie garden great for filtering CO2 emissions that contribute to the greenhouse gasses that are rapidly warming our planet, they also provide your family with home grown nutrition! Not to mention the mental health benefits of spending some time down and dirty with the earth in the crisp spring air.

Check out our Instagram if you want to follow our gardening adventures more closely. We will continue to keep you all updated with our gardens progress and provide you with tips and tricks to make your own garden a success!

Here’s what Team Tiago’s has been up to over the past month!

Our Food Truck made its debut appearance at the Hilton Arts Festival on the weekend of the 13th to 15th of September and, WOW! Don’t know what else to say! From the incredible performances by local drama and acting groups to musical and artistic talent that gave us goosebumps to a silent protest against Gender Based Violence conducted by some Hilton College boys… It was a Festival for the books and we certainly will be back next year!

Our Food Truck served some Vitamin T at Port Edward Primary on the 18th and 19th during their annual choir extravaganza.

From there it was off to Margate Sprints at Southcity and the Wild Waves Water Park for the Enspire Womens Conference on the 21st.

We then were off to Durban for the annual Durban Street Food Festival on the weekend of the 27th to the 29th.

In October you’ll find us at the Paddock Farmers Club on the 27th for the Wozani Fun Ride. An annual Motocross event that is a whole lot of action packed fun!


Ashtons Army Wellness Clinic                       7th September

Creston College Golf Day                                 7th September

Hibberdene Lions                                            13th September

Umtamvuna Life Saving Club Raffle           14th September

Southbroom Bowling Club                            19th September

Banners Rest Bowling Club                           24th September

Vrede House of Safety Kids to Sea               26th September

Petra Family Church School Fundraiser     28th September

Sharks Academy                                   Ongoing Sponsorship

Thanks for checking in!

We Smaak it, bru!

Love Team Tiago’s