It’s Summer Time and we’re feeling fine at Tiago’s! Vitamin T and Vitamin D are the perfect combination so grab yourself a Take-Away and hit the great outdoors!

Whether you are a coastal Chicken or an Inland bird, there are plenty of awesome ways to get some sun on your skin. The beach is always our first stop, but a thrilling hike through the gorge in Hillcrest or an adventure through the Transkei with a stop at our Bizana Branch on the way are also great ways to get out and get active this summer!

A couple things to keep in mind though, before you head out on adventures…


This is literally the most important thing to keep in mind during the hot South African summer months! And no, iced coffee and coke does not count! Ideally you should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day! Not only is this great for keeping the dreaded effects of dehydration at bay, but it’s also good for your internal organs, digestion and skin!


Sunscreen! It’s your best friend, regardless of whether you are a pale little gecko who is extra prone to sunburn, or have the skin of a rhinoceros, you need to be applying that milky white magic cream if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors! A hat and some UV Protection Sunglasses are also a great idea.

Be Water-Wise

If you are anything like us, you’re planning on making a bee line to the beach this December. You can already feel the sand in your toes and the salt in your hair! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the vibe, with beach activations taking place, hotties walking by, children laughing and throwing sand in your picnic basket, that you might take your eye off the ball for a minute. We just want to gently remind you that the sea is as powerful as it is beautiful! Don’t swim under the influence of alcohol, always listen to the lifeguards and swim between the flags and always keep one eye on small children!

Think Green, Keep it Clean

While we love to see our Tiago’s fans chowing down on their take-aways while out and about, nothing makes us sadder than to see our packaging lying on the street or on the beach. It’s our job, as residents of Planet Earth, to keep our home clean. Bin it, don’t chuck it, and recycle it if you can. The only thing you are creating is a mess when you throw your litter on the floor, the municipality is not your personal litter collector.

Support Local this Summer

Local businesses are the life-blood of any community. With Christmas around the corner, we encourage you to buy your Christmas presents from local small businesses. Go to local events. Follow local businesses on social media. And, welcome inland holiday makers with open arms!

Shelly Beach Got a Revamp!

Tiago’s Shelly beach got a whole new look in October and we are thrilled with the results. Have a look at how our Shelly branch turned out!

Past Mobile Events

Andile and his Food Truck were invited back by popular demand to the Wozani Paddock Fun Ride on the 27th of October at the Paddock Farmers Club.

We have an awesome event on the books for the 23rd of November at Kings Park Stadium catering for MSC Shipping’s Family Fun Day!

Following that, we will be on St Mikes Beach for the KZN Surfing Champs on the 30th of November to the 1st of December!

On New Year’s Eve we will be at Moses Mabida Stadium at the Fact Durban Rocks New Year’s Eve Party!

Sponsorships for October

Pro-Deo Cycle Tour                         2nd-6th October

Nuts for Dakar Golf Day                4th October

Fantasia Pre-School Fun Day      5th October

Margate Business Association   10th October

Hibberdene Lions                           13th October

Southbroom Bowling Club          19th October

Banners Rest Bowling Club         20th October

SASFA Funda Nathi NPC               23rd October

Santa Shoebox                                  25th October

Crossfit Mahalo Family Day        26th October

South City Recycling                       30th October

Sharks Academy                 –             Ongoing Sponsorship

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, keep calm and eat Tiago’s!