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The Soa Joao

The Soa Joao was seen as the Titanic of its era and was originally commissioned as a battle ship but as no one was prepared to oppose it, it was recommended as a trading ship.

On the 3rd of February 1552 Manuel de Sousa set sail from India to return to Portugal. On board was his wife, children and 600 crew and slaves. The cargo, which was of high trading value comprised of Chinese Porcelain, Cornelian Beads, Silks, Money Cowry Shells and other merchandise including a number of Spices – mainly Pepper. It should be noted that not only was this the most valuable cargo ever transported in its time, but it also carried on it the “Lady Di” of that era.

Princess Leonora de Sousa, wife to the master of the Sao Joao, Manuel de Sousa. The princess was being escorted from India. Some say that she was also the mother to the heirs of the Portuguese court and her welfare was therefore of incredible importance to the Portuguese country.

Unfortunately the story of the Sao Joao ends in tragedy. Due to the ever prevailing and harsh storms on the African Coast line, which still persist to date, the vessel had great difficulty keeping its course and after much storm damage, it eventually wrecked at what we now know as Port Edward. Approximately one hundred people died attempting to get ashore, the rest made a temporary camp, near “Tragedy Hill”(since named for a massacre in 1831 of the local Nguni clan by a Zulu war band). Manuel de Sousa took charge of the survivors, and started them off on a gruelling march north along the coast towards Mozambique in the hope of being spotted by passing traders. They faced the unknown territory with very little supplies, many injured and with absolutely no fresh water. Manuel de Sousa, his wife and two sons endured extreme conditions until eventually his family perished and, without a word to the remaining crew; he walked into the jungle and was never seen again. Ultimately only seven Europeans and fourteen slaves lived to reach Mozambique. The cargo washed up to shore for some time after the wreck and some items are still being found today. Many spices were over time introduced to the locals, which have unfolded into much of what we now know as the Tiago’s taste.

It was the first time in recorded history that people from Europe met people from Southern Africa. It was also the first time that people actually survived travelling to Asia on this route. So, in conclusion, the wreck of the Sao Joao resulted in new ideas, materials and spices being brought to the native people of Southern Natal as well as the local people revealing traditional primitive ways to the foreign travellers.

We at Tiago’s salute these historians for their will and bravery to explore and better themselves. Without people like these, the world would not have its diversity of flavours.

Some of which we now bring to you….