Newsletter – December 2019

What a Year 2019 has been! Hey Chickens! Can you believe its the end of the year already? 2019 has been quite the year for us over here at Tiago’s! We have been running around like chickens without heads ensuring that our loyal Tiago’s fans continue to get the best experience in our now TEN […]

Newsletter – November 2019

It’s Summer Time and we’re feeling fine at Tiago’s! Vitamin T and Vitamin D are the perfect combination so grab yourself a Take-Away and hit the great outdoors! Whether you are a coastal Chicken or an Inland bird, there are plenty of awesome ways to get some sun on your skin. The beach is always […]

Newsletter – October 2019

New Promo Alert! The Summer Sun is already coming out to play and we’re not even done with Spring yet! That’s why we decided to pair one of your favourite meals on-the-go, our Chicken Fillet Strips and Chips, with a refreshing can of cold-drink for a very special price! We’re keeping you fueled and chilled […]

Newsletter – September 2019

Spring is in the air… And we could not be happier! It’s time to shake off the winter frost and gear up for the spring holidays at the end of September! With spring comes an opportunity to start afresh in life, work and play! Winter tends to slow us down and may even result in […]

Newsletter – August 2019

“Diet Culture” in the digital age Diet Culture… whether or not you know what it means, you can’t escape it in the age of Facebook and Instagram. Almost everyone you know has access to or is using Social Media. The younger generations can’t remember a time before Facebook and Instagram but most of us don’t […]

Feature Fridays’ – Southbroom Tennis Club

Sport! For most of us, the last time we played an organized sport was in High school! From there, we get all wrapped up in our careers, then our families, then our kid’s sports… Before we know it, we think we’re too old to play sport, or we don’t know where to go. We, at […]

Newsletter – April 2019

Don’t be a Fool this April! Hello Chickens! While it is a good idea to be on the lookout for those April Fools pranks today, there are far worse tricksters waiting around the corner every day! This month we are focusing on busting some myths and dropping some truth bombs about the Health and Wellness […]

Feature Fridays’ – Dr. Kate

The lovely Dr. Catherine Lindeggar gave us some of her precious time in between International Flights to chat to us! We talked nutrition, health, fitness, travel and more! Here is what Kate had to say. Doctors’ Orders! Kate is a Health Practitioner by trade, so we thought it most appropriate to start there! What do […]